Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day with Family!

My cousin Kelly, her husband Charles, and their son Colin were in town for Mule Days, so Mary and I headed over to the fairgrounds and hooked up.
I was pretty impressed with their 31 ft Airstream "Classic" which they had dubbed "The Silver Bomb."We had a swell pancake breakfast at the fairgrounds (all you can eat!) and headed over to Main Street to join my Aunt Elaine and her husband John and see the parade.

We stopped by the stalls and visited with one of the Clydesdale "backup" horses - the others were already harnessed and lined up for the parade.
The parade was quite a show. We saw the 20 mule team.
The Clydesdales.
The Percherons.
and some Pygmy Ponies.After the parade we all got together for a fine dinner at Whiskey Creek where the waiter was kind enough to take a nice group photo of us.
The next morning Kelly, Charles, Colin and their dogs Bingo & Bear joined Mary, Porter and myself on a hike at South Lake.

Another group photo. The dogs were raring to go - exit stage left!
It was Bear's first encounter with snow and boy did he like it.
As did Colin, who threw snow balls, kicked snow slush, and slid downhill on his bum.
We made it up to a nice overlook of South Lake where Colin struck a nice pose.
Here's Mary and I and all the dogs, who got along famously.
Mary and I were so impressed with the whole Mule Days scene that we vowed to see some of the events next year, while Kelly, Charles, and Colin were so impressed with the scenery they vowed to skip most of Mule Days and go hiking and fishing next year! I can't wait.

It was wonderful to see them as well as Elaine and John. It's always a pleasure to spend time with such nice folks & family.

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